SRR and CVR Govt. Degree College(A), Vijayawada

1.Title: “GORUMUDDA” :

2.Objectives: S.R.R & C.V.R GOVT Degree College Autonomousis one of the prominent colleges of Vijayawada in terms of its service initiatives to students  since its inception. The college always strives to reach out the interests of the economicallybackward and themarginalizedsections through its student beneficiary measures. Thus the college is fulfilling the needs of the students in the best possible way by pooling up student friendly and serviceable resources. Many students of the college hail from the rural and distant places to reach college. This is one of the concerns of the students.

The college after close observations, has planned to take up an initiative to provide breakfast to students, called“GORUMUDDA”.This is an innovative program offering breakfast to the needy students who reach college before 8AM, by giving tokens to get breakfast  each day from  college canteen to such students. This initiative wasstarted in the college in 2017and it continued even till today. The main objective of this project is to provide breakfast for the existing students of remote areas. Students from farther places have to start early in the morning. Some students reach exactly on time due to heavy traffic and non-availability of buses and transport. In the past Some students used to miss breakfast and didn’t even have sufficient money to afford for breakfast.

 3. Context:  The college considered this pathetic situation and decided to provide breakfast for the students through“GORUMUDDA”.The Staff, theDonors, Members of the Walkers Association, Retired Staff members and Philanthropists are consulted, whoin return, with their generous and magnanimous heart, contributed and supported this initiative financially. To maintain this program in fair manner, the Gorumudda Committee is formed to register the names of the beneficiaries in college.

 4. Practice:  A Savings Bank account is also opened in Union Bank of India to deposit the donations for monitoring the accounts.This project has been progressive and at the best service of the students. It has benefitedstudents, in maintaininggood health, daily attendance and concentration in subjects taught. There has never been any complaint as it has been monitored by the Principal along with the staff check.

5.Evidence of Success:No other college in Vijayawada has such practice like “GORUMUDDA” as that of this, S.R.R& C.V.R GOVT Degree College is following. This project has been a boon for the students. Alumni of S.R.R & C.V.R GOVT Degree College also have become the benefactors of this project. There’s a huge amount of contribution from staff members too. Their contribution is supporting this practice. The following information discloses the benefits and statistical facts of this ongoing best practice.

v  Attendance of the students has improved a lot as compared to earlier.

v  It helps the students to concentrate better on their studies in the class rooms rather than being fatigue and tiresome.

v  The health of students has been enhanced by nutritious breakfast.

v  The academic performance of the students also reached the expectations of the teachers.

v  It made them to be more energetic and healthy.

v  Students have become more disciplined.

v  A healthy relationship is formed between students and staff.

v  Students learned the value of service.

v  Students feel comfortable in the college.

v  The objective of the practice “no one goes hungry” is achieved.

6.Problems Encountered and Resources Required: During the covid pandemic the staff and students had online classes. Due to this, Gorumudda Practice was temporarily discontinued during the pandemic. Later this practice has been renewed after the offline classes and blended classes started in college campus.

7. Notes: ‘Goru Mudda’ is the ultimate Program in the college campus, servingneeds of hunger of several Students, who are reaching the College from distant places.In the beginning this program was launched by Honourable MLA Sri Bonda UmaMaheswara Rao garu.This program was resumed after pandemic,  with the launch by Honourable MLA Sri Malladi Vishnu garu.