VISION, MISSION and Core Values


To be instrumental in developing systems to enhance academic and administrative performance of the institution and sustain existing quality initiatives to attain realistic bench marks and deliver holistic citizens to society.


1.     To plan and implement courses with enriched curriculum with academic flexibility based on feedback analysis from stake holders.

2.     To cater the needs of students from different strata and regions through various teaching learning processes.

3.     Promote research culture among students and staff through collaborations, innovations and research projects.

4.     Recognize hidden talents of student community through extension activities.

5.     Develop smart campus facilities, sports facilities and Library resources for students and staff.

6.     Decentralization of governance to develop leadership qualities in students and staff.

7.     Involve Alumni as stake holders for the development of the institution.

8.     To promote the institute as environmentally friendly, students friendly and societal friendly through our best practices.

Core values

The Core values of SRR& CVR GDC(A), Vijayawada are in tune with the core values of NAAC.

1.     Quality

2.     Excellence

3.     Competence (Intellectual & Digital)

4.     Values and Patriotism