Vision and Mission



To transform students through education and help them in their quest for knowledge.


Empowering Students withSkills for Tomorrow’s Challenges.


1.     To strengthen the community by producing responsible, self reliant,  socially committed citizens through task based activitiesand through learning by doing.

2.     To instil ethical awareness in students  by providing continuous training in Human values and Life skills.

3.     Create spirit of research offering student-centric and teacher-centric research activities.

4.     To improve Smart campus  facilities to impart virtual, digital and e-learning way of teaching and learning.

5.     To equip students with employ-ability skills and encourage them towards entrepreneurship  through career guidance and skill training programs.

6.     To promote leadership qualities among the studentsby adopting  participative mechanism.

7.     To enhance distinctiveness of the institution in the society through Outreach programmes.