Other Practices

 Fee exemption from the Scribes of the Visually Challenged Students

     In SRR & CVR Government Degree College (A), Vijayawada, Fees is being exempted from the Scribes representing the visually challenged students.  The Examination department is exempting the fees to collect from the Scribes treating the visually challenged students as special Students. 

  Military Music Band

     Military Music Band has been developed by the department of Economics.  During special occasions to welcome the special guests, higher officials, the Music played by the Military Music Band is enthralling the viewers and audience to the credit of the Institution.  

 Fee Donation to the economically Weaker Students

     Fee donation to the Economically Weaker Students by the Staff Members is a Best Practice of SRR & CVR Govt. Degree College (A), Vijayawada.  Since this College caters to the needs of the Students in the surrounding areas, many Students seem to be hailing from financially low profile families.  So, the Staff members of various departments help such students, paying their Fee donating money in full or partial amount.   This is one of the best practices.  Military.  Donation of Blankets to Hostel Students:

     The department of Botany has been donating blankets to the poor students staying in Hostels proving generosity standing ideal and exemplary to every one.