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S.R.R. & C.V.R. Govt. Degree College (A), Vijayawada, is one of the prestigious educational institutions, located in Vijayawada in NTR District, Andhra Pradesh. The college was established in 1937. It offers 29 undergraduate and 10 post graduate academic programmers with 86 regular faculty members. The college has total strength of around 2,200 students. which includes 1550 boys and 650 girl students at present. The institution was accredited with grade B+ with C.G.P.A 2.6 during 2017 by NAAC and the college was ranked by NIRF in 101-150 band at NIRF-2020 

SRR & CVR Government Degree College (Autonomous) Vijayawada has established health care centre to provide medical facility in the college. In case of an emergency to the students can get first aid and medical assistance in the college campus itself. In view of the large strength of students in our college campus, as our college is centrally located in the city of Vijayawada.

SRR Health Care Centre inaugurated by Dr. Srinivasa Vittal Rao, M.D., Principal and Additional DME on January 28, 2023 at Room. No. 215 Second floor, Main Block in the campus with the support of Siddartha Government Medical College, Govt. of A.P, Vijayawada. This is the first Health Care Centre in Government Degree Colleges including Autonomous colleges in A.P. Thanks to Siddartha Government Medical College Principal, Dr. N. Srninivasa Vittal Rao, M.D, who approved Health Care Centre to our college with Two PG Doctors, visiting weekly once to the College on every Friday at 11:00 AM to 1.00 PM to providing free Health check-up to the students and staff (General Medicine) also providing samples like Health boosts (Energy kits) to the students. 

Health Care Centre ensure access to primary health care for both students and staff

Provide Education about Health (Community Health, Epidemic, Endemic and Pandemic Diseases)

Provide a system for identification and solution for student health

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S.R.R. and C.V.R. Health Care Centre Inaugurated by

Dr N Srinivas Vitttal Rao, M.D, Principal, Siddhardha Govt. Medical College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

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S.R.R. and C.V.R. Health Care Centre Honored

Dr N Srinivas Vitttal Rao, M.D, Principal, Siddhardha Govt. Medical College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

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