Grievance Reddressal Cell - Profile

Introduction :

To address the issues of its stakeholders, the College has a Grievance Redressal Cell. The Cell gives students the opportunity to express their views by initiating and pursuing a grievance procedure in accordance with the College's rules and regulations. In a totally secret way, the 'Grievance Redressal Cell' enquires and investigates the substance and trend of the grievances. The emphasis has been placed on procedural fairness in order to protect the right to be heard and the right to be treated without bias." The cell is led by Dr. DSVS. Bala subrahmanyam, Incharge -Department of Political Science, as the coordinator.

A) The Grievance Cell's goal is to foster a responsive and accountable attitude among all stakeholders in the College in order to preserve a harmonious educational environment.

B) Encouraging the Students to communicate their issues / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being mistreated.

"Grievances" refers to the following grievances of offended students:

Ø  Admission based on merit determined in accordance with the institute's declared admission policy;

Ø  Irregularities in the institute's admission process;

Ø  Refusing admission in accordance with the institute's stated admission policy;

Ø  Failure to publish the prospectus as required;

Ø  Including in the prospectus any information that is false or misleading and not based on facts;

Ø  Withhold or refuse to return any document deposited with it by a person for the purpose of seeking admission to such institution, in the form of certificates of degree, diploma, or any other award or other document, in order to induce or compel such person to pay any fee or fees in respect of any course or programme of study that such person does not intend to pursue;

Ø   An amount greater than that specified in the declared admission policy or approved by the competent authority to be charged by such institution;

Ø   Violation of any applicable reservation policy in admission;

Ø  Allegations of discrimination against students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Women, Minorities, or Disabled categories;

Ø  Failure to pay or delay payment of scholarships to any student to whom such institution is obligated, in accordance with the conditions imposed by the University Grants Commission or any other authority;

Ø  Extensive delay in the conduct of examinations or the announcement of results beyond the deadlines set forth in the academic calendar;

Ø  On the provision of student amenities that the institution may have promised or been required to provide;

Ø  Failure to provide quality education as promised or required at the time of admission;

Ø  Evaluation practises that aren't transparent or aren't fair;

Ø  Committee on Student Harassment and Victimization, including Sexual Harassment

Procedure for filing a complaint is as follows:

Ø  Students are encouraged to approach members of the Committee or their class proctors at any time during college hours to share their grievances or problems.

Ø  Complaint/suggestions A box has been placed in front of the Pricipal's Chamber for students and employees who wish to remain anonymous to submit their grievances/suggestions in writing for enhancing the College's academics and administration.

Ø  All forms of ragging are prohibited both within and outside the institution. Any ragging or disciplinary rule violations should be brought to the Principal's attention as soon as possible.

The Grievance Redressel Cell has the following functions:

Ø  The cell's job is to investigate and assess any complaints made by students or employees.

Ø  Ensure that student issues are effectively addressed in a fair and equitable manner.

Ø  On receipt of written grievances from students, the situations will be quickly addressed.

Ø  In most situations, grievances are heard in person, and remedies are found almost immediately, depending on the severity of the problem.

Ø  The cell will report to the Principal on the cases it has handled and the number of pending cases, if any that requires higher authority's instruction and assistance.



Designation & Department



Dr.DSVS.Bala subrahmanyam

Lecturer in Public Administration



Sri. M.Lakshmana Dasu

Lecturer in Mathematics



Dr.N.A. Margaret

Lecturer in Telugu




Lecturer in Physics




Lecturer in Commerce