Code of Conduct Handbook

SRR AND CVR Government Degree College(Autonomous)

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Self Study Report

The Institution has a prescribed CODE OF CONDUCT for Students, Teachers, Administrators and other Staff and conduct periodic sensitization Programs in this regard:


Any teaching staff member who takes teaching as profession conducts himself / herself in accordance with the ideals of the profession. The national ideologies of education which have already been set forth and which he/she should seek to inculcate among students must be his/her own ideals, duly reflecting in his conduct. The profession further requires that the teaching staff member shall be calm, patient and communicative by temperament and amiable in disposition. 

A teaching staff member shall : 

               i. Adhere to a responsible pattern of code of conduct expected of him/her by his/her  fellow teaching staff members, society, stake holders  and  the student community. 

              ii. Manage his/her professional obligations and activities in a manner consistent with the dignity of the profession, as students the center of his teaching profession. 

iii. Seek to make professional growth continuously through study, research and writing with professional and personal dignity. 

iv. Express free opinion in dignity by active participation at professional meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. towards the contribution and up-gradation of knowledge  towards  the students and their learning outcomes. 

v. Maintain active membership of professional organizations, subscribing academic/subject periodicals, and strive to improve professional standards. 

vi.Perform his/her duties in the form of teaching theory and practical and the evaluation procedures for students and also by adhering to the pattern of Continuous Internal Assessment to meet the academic standards of the institution. 

vii. To extend the teaching services to his or her students to prepare the students as the responsible citizens of the country, with all their learning knowledge and expandable higher standards in learning  and also  by helping them to equip the skills of building career and employability for the students' future. 

viii. To extend all services of teaching, planning of student assignments and  evaluation and in doing so the staff member has to attend all the training programs in service stipulated by the Higher Authorities. 

ix. Also the  teaching staff member has to complete the tasks of evaluation in time and  support the Student Results' announcement System  in time only to facilitate the students progression like the Admissions to Higher Studies, Competitive Examinations and  the Job Search Paths.  

x. The teaching staff members have to support  the students morally in times of any need, other than the working hours because the timely help will save the valuable and precious things like life, health, emotional and mental stress of the students to overcome if any, by properly dealing with them.  

xi. The teaching staff members have to equip themselves with all the upgraded, latest, blended methods of teaching and techniques to meet the challenges of the New Age.  



The Student Code of Conduct sets out the standards of conduct expected of students. 

It holds individuals and groups responsible for the consequences of their actions.

The College is a community of students, staff involved in learning, teaching, research and other academic activities.

1.  All students of the College are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes positively.

2.  All students have to contribute to the environment in which respect, civility, diversity, opportunity are valued.

3.  The students have to assure the success and progress of the Institution.

     4.The Student have  to show a concern for these values.

     5.The students have to make use of the activities, facilities and benefits of the College without causing  any interference to others in the  Campus.

     6.The information provided on this website of the  College has to be comprehended  by the Students. 

     7.The students should  be aware of the  Anti - Ragging Rules, and should behave only in an acceptable manner.

     8.The  Students are responsible for reading, understanding and  abiding by the Code of Conduct and strictly follow the Rules of the Institution in all respects  to maintain appropriate behavior. 

     9.The discipline of Students is to be maintained in academic meetings and non - academic meetings and all programs of the Institution. 

     10.The students have to follow the Rules of Admissions, Examinations, Results ' Declaration and maintain  discipline in all the related so as to contribute to the decency and decorum of the Institution.